Twinkle Rainbow Assortment Packs

Style # 5838-RainbowPack

Price: Reg.$8.50/yd

Assortment Price:$8.00/yd

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Twinkle Rainbow Assortment Pack is a wonderful gift for folks who love to applique or those quilters who love to have as great a variety of coordinating values of a color at hand for inspired quilt designs. Each color area allows you to cut at least 10" wide with the end colors giving you even a bit more area.

It's the equivalent of 40 crayon colors but at the price of 10 crayons. You get one of each of the ten Twinkle colors plus a savings of .50 off  the regular yard price.

It comes in three sizes;

  • The Rainbow Petite Pack consists of ten 1/4 yard cuts. ($20)
  • The Rainbow Midsize Pack consists of ten 1/2 yard cuts. ($40)
  • The Rainbow Three Quarter Pack consists of ten 3/4 yard cuts. ($60)
  • The Rainbow Deluxe Pack consists of ten full one yard cuts. ($80)